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The Ultra-Fabulous Jewelry Guide Of The Year 2018!

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Say Hello to the New Year, New Beginnings, and New Trends in 2018!

Do you know which color is going to take over the fashion world this year? It’s Ultra Violet!

Each year since 2000, the color experts at Pantone Color Institute pick a color for the year that reflects the current and future seasons which has a major influence on trends and designs. And this year they say “Inventive and imaginative, Ultra Violet lights the way to what is yet to come.”

Why Ultra-Violet?

Here are 10 phrases/words that Pantone used to describe the color and the feelings that it evokes –











How do I rock the Color of the Year 2018?

With precious rocks of course 😉

Jewelry has the power to be the one thing that makes you feel unique. Which is why I always encourage people to get jewelry exclusively designed for themselves. So if you want to own a trendy yet exclusive piece of bling, here’s a list of the top 10 gemstones that I suggest you should go for –

1) Amethyst

Precious and powerful, this stone ranges from a few hundred and can go up to thousands of rupees! The color and brilliance of these stones make the jewelry look precious!

2) Purple Ruby

Amazed? I was too! My first purple ruby was a very clear and cushion stone. I didn’t believe it was a ruby until I took it to my college and got it checked by my professors because I never thought that there could be a purple ruby! Red and pinkish hues are most common and desirable, but these precious stones are also found in some other hues and shades and purple is one of them.

3) Purple Sapphire

Compared to other purple stones, purple sapphire is much rare, it sparkles better and it is even more durable!

4) Spinel

Red is the most demanded color in spinel, so you might get your hands on a purple spinel for a cheaper price. However, it is not very common so you may not find it in many jewelry stores.

5) Tanzanite

Tanzanites aren’t as hard as spinel or sapphire, but their color saturation is what makes them so beautiful.

6) Iolite

A beautiful stone that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. Large stones can be used to make statement jewelry pieces at affordable prices.

7) Garnet

Another semi precious choice for your trendy jewelry is a purple Garnet! They have a hint of reddish hues and looks beautiful when set in yellow gold.

8) Alexandrite 

Now here’s a magical stone for you! This gemstone shows different colors in different light sources. It will look like an amethyst in incandescent light and like an emerald in daylight! Pretty fascinating, huh?

9) Rubellite Tourmaline

If you prefer the warm shade of violet, rubellite tourmaline is surely a hot choice.

10) Sugilite, Charoite and Charolite

To create a statement look with opaque and uncut stones or beads, these gems can be used to add the wow factor to your design!

Other Options

If you’re simply looking for a pop of color, there are various ceramic stones available in purple too! You can still get a fabulous design if you choose the right designer 😉

What are your thoughts on the Pantone’s choice for the Color Of The Year 2018 and which stone would you choose? Tell me in the comments below if you know some other purple gems too!

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Get Your Ultra-Fabulous Jewelry Designed.

Some Customer Stories…

Rashida Goryawala is a jewelry enthusiast and has been designing customized jewelry since 2012. She believes that wearing custom designed pieces not only feels luxurious but also boosts confidence, and she encourages everyone to bring out their own personal sense of style by doing so.

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  1. Purple Garnet, Taffeite, Alexendrite, purple Ruby, Andalusite, Azurite, Charoite, etc etc many more is suggested.

    • Alexandrite I skipped because of its color changing properties… and you’re right there are many more such gemstones! I’ve added a few and let’s see if I can do a PART TWO of this guide 😛

  2. Love the color!! Great to know there are so many options when it comes to choosing purple/violet gemstones.

    • Me too! There are actually a few more options but one has to keep the article readable! :p

  3. Woww! 😍
    Thanks rashi for sharing your knowledge and keeping us trendy 😘
    Spinel though 😍

  4. It was so very informative! I din’t know there were so many purple precious stones available…especially purple ruby…loved it Ben!

    • As I always say – pretty jewelry can be made in every budget.. just need to know how which materials to use! I’m glad I could share the information 🙂

  5. Awesome Baby 😘😘👍🏻

  6. Didn’t know so any purple stones existed!…… Amethyst is the only one i knew..! Good to know that there is a wide range of options available.

    • Yes and there are many more.. let me know which one is your favourite!

  7. Jewelry trends for ’18 on Point! Really well researched article. The stones are beautiful. Even i feel like getting a piece of jewelry designed from u.. Will get it done pretty soon.. Keep up the awesomeness in ur blog! Cheers!

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