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The Best Ever Solution For Dark Colored Gemstones

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Can you really believe

That these rubies are the same?

The difference is merely effect of light,

And the bezel and prong set frame!

This was clearly NOT one of the best rubies available. But since jewelry gets passed on from generation to generation, there was an emotional value attached to it. Hence I was to take an heirloom ring and redesign it to suit my client’s personality.

The challenge:-

With jewelry design experience, I know that if the stone is the highlight of the design, it is important that –

  1. Its color looks attractive.
  2. Enough light passes and gets reflected through it so that it can sparkle.

A faceted stone is capable of reflecting more light than a cabochon stone (a gem with a smooth upper surface). So in short, creating a pretty jewelry with this stone wasn’t really easy!

Or…was it?


I simply removed the stone from its bezel set frame and set it in prongs to allow more light to pass through it. It truly did transform the look of the gemstone, didn’t it?

Yet, it wasn’t enough… For me, a design doesn’t serve its purpose unless it can grab some attention! Thus I used diamonds around the shank to add the much-needed bling-factor! And voila! We got a completed different looking ring that is not only comfortable for everyday wear but is also looks beautiful! The customer adored this ring!

Do you also have jewelry that you think could look better? Feel free to get a consultation for it anytime, for adding new life to your dearest jewelry collection! Comment below and let me know what do you think of this method to transform jewelry?

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Rashida Goryawala is a jewelry enthusiast and has been designing customized jewelry since 2012. She believes that wearing custom designed pieces not only feels luxurious but also boosts confidence, and she encourages everyone to bring out their own personal sense of style by doing so.

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