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How To Be Unstoppable

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While editing that picture…

I found asking myself – What is confidence?

Is it feeling assured? Feeling ready for independence?

Where do I get it from? I tried to comprehend.

Does it come from my family or that one special friend?

Yes, they all play a part, but a tiny one for sure,

‘Cause by listening to my heart, I get answers which are pure.

Confidence comes from within, something that I create,

Just BELIEVING in myself – that’s what makes me feel great!

Don’t you feel more confident when you are well accessorized? Boast that you’re UNSTOPPABLE by wearing the kind of jewelry that is an expression of YOU!

I made this ring for a colleague who wanted an elegant, yet stylish ring that she could wear to work every day! When she saw this ring, she knew it was love at first sight! The classic style with a beautiful light blue topaz gemstone and a minimalist diamond band fit perfectly with her personality and got her loads of compliments!

You definitely perform better when you feel confident, right? So don’t ever stop yourself from dressing like a diva! Put on an outfit that you love, enhance it with some gorgeous jewelry, and you’ll be ready to take over any challenge that comes your way!

So for an extra bit of confidence, always invest in jewelry that is an expression of your individual style!

Which piece of jewelry do you wear to work every day? Let me know in the comments below!

Get your special piece designed.

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Rashida Goryawala is a jewelry enthusiast and has been designing customized jewelry since 2012. She believes that wearing custom designed pieces not only feels luxurious but also boosts confidence, and she encourages everyone to bring out their own personal sense of style by doing so.

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  1. That ring absolutely stunning!

  2. Beautiful ring!😍 and a beautiful poem to compliment it. Confidence really is liking yourself regardless of what others feel, positive or negative💕


  3. Love that ring! You’re so right, the right piece can really boost your confidence! I wear my wedding ring daily and am still very in love with it! I get many compliments on it as well!

    • Thanks Meixii! Yes you’re right. However its mostly the matter of personal preference. I’m glad you prefer the classic style 🙂

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