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Gold Coins v/s Jewellery – the battle of investment.

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What are the top 2 things that come to your mind when you think about investment? Property and Gold coins, right? But do take a moment to consider whether gold coins are really a better option over jewelry?

In this age where it’s all about living in the moment, what moment are you going to live with gold coins? Except for future return expectations, what utility has it added to your life right now? Ask yourself this – while investing in property would you prefer to buy a fully furnished, ready-to-use house, or the one that has just four walls?

All I am trying to say is that –

Investing in Jewellery is better than buying coins of Gold,

It looks so much prettier. In it emotions withhold!

And here’s why  –

  1. You are charged a small amount of labour for every gold coin that you purchase. If you are planning to convert it into jewellery later, you will overall be paying a lot more as labour charge.
  2. When you buy jewellery on an auspicious day, you are not only investing in gold, but you can also start using it immediately. So that becomes 2 ticks on your checklist, as you not only invest but you also start something new (well at least you’re beginning to use something new).
  3. And the most important one – You will feel so much better when you buy jewellery, rather than when you buy gold coins, wouldn’t you?

Now, you might say that gold coins can be available from a few thousands whereas jewellery needs a higher budget. Let me tell you why you’re wrong. The best property of gold is that it is extremely malleable and ductile. To put it simply, a lot can be made with little amount of gold. Checkout some tips and suggestions below –

1. Pendants for daily wear can be made in gold using diamonds and gemstones, starting from Rs 3000!


2. Pretty earrings to complement your pretty face! Some of these can be made under 1 gram gold! The highest weighing earring in this picture is 3.2 gms.

3. I have made career inspired jewellery as wedding gifts, for a doctor, furniture designer and bag designer, in less than Rs 3500. Who wouldn’t love to own such a special piece of jewellery?

4. These rings have been made in about 1.5-3 grams too! Would you hesitate in buying these?

5. Initials of your name or your loved one has been forever in demand and doesn’t require much gold.

6. Heart motif jewelry is evergreen and can be made as light in weight as you want.


Liking the idea, aren’t you? Do comment to let me know your thoughts and feel free to contact me for any guidance to get your special jewellery in your budget! Wish you a very happy and blessed Akshay Tritiya!

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Rashida Goryawala is a jewelry enthusiast and has been designing customized jewelry since 2012. She believes that wearing custom designed pieces not only feels luxurious but also boosts confidence, and she encourages everyone to bring out their own personal sense of style by doing so.

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  1. Very nice …love your Jewellery.

  2. Amazing designs at a pocket friendly rate..kudos for your outstanding efforts!
    Totally in love with your jewellery..

    • Thanks Tasneem. There’s a lot more coming 😉

  3. Love the designs!Thanks for sharing the pics.

  4. I would definitely rather have the jewelry. Love the pieces you selected.

  5. I honestly didn’t know that gold was something to invest in. I have always been taught about stocks more than anything! Such a great idea to invest in gold jewelry!

    • It definitely is Stevie. If you have a diversified investment portfolio, gold is one of the best things to invest in. It is one of the commodities that has maintained its long term value. 🙂

  6. If I see a piece of antique jewelry for cheap, I will buy it, even if I don’t like it, for this exact reason lol! I’m a jewelry collector for sure!

    • Hahah, really? I hope you do that from trusted sources though. When I was starting out someone tried to sell me an antique lotus pendant. Good thing I got it tested and realized a lot of silver solders were used to make the overall metal purity very low. Always ask the right questions before you finalize the purchase 🙂

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