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Fatema Name Pendant

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Fatema Pendant- hand

Her last birthday had to be celebrated, for she would be married the year next.

“What gift should we give her? It HAS to be the best.

“Should we give a gadget? Or personalized accessories?

“Or should we give jewellery? We want to re-create memories!”

That’s when I suggested this design – simply timeless,

Crafted her name in Arabic, what could be more precious?

Her name is what you gave her at the time of her birth,

helped her create her identity, showed her what she’s worth.

And that’s why jewellery is the best, when there are stories to be told,

So much can be said and meant, with that one piece that you hold!

1 Comment

  1. Dear i want SAKINA NAME PENDANT
    HAVE U ?

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