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A Practical Guide To Choosing The Right Takhti Design

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Did you know that there are about 20 million weddings in a year in India alone? Almost every Indian wedding is a kaleidoscope of colors featuring gorgeous dresses and spectacular jewelry: yet wedding ceremonies defer from place to place.

Being spread worldwide, we Dawoodi Bohras may have different jewelry preferences. Some brides prefer the traditional all-gold look, some prefer a modern design, some need precious diamonds and gemstones and some want to adorn pearls. Yet there is ONE piece of jewelry that will always stand out as our own Dawoodi Bohra Wedding Jewelry! The Takhti.

What Is A Takhti?

It is a bold pendant or necklace which has an Aqeeq gemstone with Arabic scriptures printed or carved on it. Holding this stone is a pretty gold frame design, worn along with a gold chain or pearl and gemstone maalas. The scriptures may be – Ya Husain, Ya Ali, Names of Panjatan A.S. or even sometimes the entire Ayatul Kursi. Some Takhtis may have a different center stone maybe even with carved jarat or Kundan work in it.

And the best part – almost anyone can wear it. Takhtis are worn by not only the bride and the groom but also their mothers, sisters and even grandmothers!

Many people think it would not be okay for the family members to wear a takhti as they would look “too decked up.” But hey, this day is as exciting for you as it is for the bride and the groom! You definitely deserve to flaunt your jewels too!

If you’re one of those people and are still in doubt, here are a few tips and designs to help you carry it off.

1. For The Groom.

Your wedding is the only day where you will get to wear a lot of jewelry! It could be gold, silver, diamonds or gemstones. I would suggest you go for the boldest and most exclusive design! However, you need to look elegant, so I suggest wearing your takhti with pearl strands to make it look classic and royal.

2. For The Bride.

You are most likely going to be decked up from head to toe with jewels. It would be best if you chose an elegant and minimalist design that complements your outfit and doesn’t overshadow the other jewelry. The best choice would be to wear it with a gold chain, but if your takhti has diamonds, then choose a maala with fine pearl strands rather than larger beads.

3. For The Sister and Mother.

You will be as decked up as the bride herself at the wedding. However, it is important for you to be comfortable because there would be a lot of running about that you might need to do. I would definitely suggest choosing a lightweight design, (a stylish one for the sister, perhaps) along with a chain or fine pearl strands.

4. For The Grandmother.
Keep it elegant with a traditional takhti pendant with a loop and gold chain. Diamond and gemstone accents can be added to it to enhance the look.

Bohri weddings may not have a live band playing at the sangeet, or dramatic entry of the couple. In fact, it doesn’t even have a best man’s emotional toast! But what it does have is simplicity, elegance, and blessing of the loved ones. And that’s all that the newlyweds need.

Hope this guide was helpful and will give you a better clarity on choosing the right style for yourself! And of course, every design can me modified to suit your needs and personality!

Now I want to hear from you! –

Which takhti suits your style? Feel free to share any tips or stories about your wedding jewelry in the comments below!

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Rashida Goryawala is a jewelry enthusiast and has been designing customized jewelry since 2012. She believes that wearing custom designed pieces not only feels luxurious but also boosts confidence, and she encourages everyone to bring out their own personal sense of style by doing so.

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